Dog Training

Dog Training Portland Oregon

When searching for a Dog/Puppy training or behavioral service to best insure your desired results, there are many facts you should carefully consider before making this important choice.

I sincerely believe, that whether it is with me or another quality experienced behaviorist, there is no better time or money you will ever spend than to enroll yourself and your pet in the highest quality, private behavioral training course you can find. Regardless of cost or distance it will pay for itself hundreds of folds in ways you can’t yet imagine, throughout your life with all your pets.

Your dog can literally destroy thousands of dollars of property over a lifetime if not properly managed. A single dog bite or attack can cost you thousands of dollars and cost you everything you own, not to mention the personal and moral liabilities that will last a lifetime and destroy you personally when your dog injures or causes the death of someones child.

When considering even these few facts, spending several hours and a few hundred dollars for a “high quality” education becomes very insignificant considering that this will not only help you to have the best possible life with your dog but prevent most, if not all destruction, danger, liability and almost all other possible problems regarding your dog,

There are many ideas about dog breeds and how a certain breed will determine level of activity, aggression, attitude, behavior, temperament and disposition. What I have learned is that, although breed may have a small affect on these factors, they are much more determined by our abilities as leaders and rule makers. What we need to consider most when deciding on breed is size, hair, health, longevity and genetic design.

Let us answer your questions about dog training Portland Oregon.  Give us a call for a free consultation at 503-692-5226.

Dog Training Portland Oregon

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Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding Portland Oregon

Dog Boarding Portland OregonGoing on vacation soon?  Already put that deposit down on the campsite and find out they don’t allow dogs?  Seeing some great results from training and would like to reinforce the lessons learned?  You need to check out your dog boarding Portland Oregon options with our convenient location just off of I-5 in Tualatin, serving the metro Portland, Oregon area.

Thirty five years of hands on canine research, training & care experience has allowed our founder, Shawn Riley, to develop our advanced training and boarding philosophies which allow most dogs to safely play and live together in high quality large open fenced areas virtually all of the time.  Our visitors are usually only separated for feeding or behavioral time-outs like barking, destruction of property, aggression or some other rule infraction.

Social, behavioral and outdoor skills are increased with every stay. There is seldom a situation or circumstance that we cannot accommodate regarding you and your dog.

Give us a call at 503-692-5226 and schedule a free phone consultation to ensure that our facilities will meet your dog boarding Portland Oregon needs.

Dog Boarding Portland Oregon

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About Us

Dog Boarding Portland OregonMy name is Shawn Riley and for over thirty years I have had the pleasure of dog training in the Portland, Oregon area.  I’m still proud to call it my home and even after seeing some of the most beautiful places in the world, Oregon still remains my favorite.

I am a Canine Behaviorist by profession, a career that really chose me rather than the other way around! I have been holding private sessions for over 20 years locally teaching people to better understand and communicate with their dogs.


I have always felt, and been told even as a child, that I had a unique connection with most animals. After living with, training, raising, caring for, loving dogs and multiple dog packs most of my life, I have had the unique luxury of learning to better understand dogs by watching them work and train each other.

Reading and researching almost everything I could get my hands on and being fortunate enough to have worked with some of the best and most experienced trainers in the world has given me a very unique and expanded knowledge of what training philosophies are available. But, all that “research” pales in comparison to what I have learned from the dogs themselves.

Now teaching you to better understanding how our canine companions think and live and behave naturally is our goal and the secret to your success in every facet of life with your dogs!

Let us help you save your dog, and your sanity.  Give us a call anytime at 503-692-5226.


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